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Hello Exquisitians,

We are announcing the Saturday as a Big Event day! Which means that you can't just miss the Saturday.

The Event will still be a Point Base System. Every win = 1 Event Point + Reward

Events will be as follows:

 5 Rounds of Double Hide and Seek: Two staff members will hide on a certain map. You gotta find and trade them. No skin will be used.
Reward: 1 Chest Box Random, 1 Bundle Jewels Random +1 Event Point

 5 Rounds of Double Bring me the Item: Two staff members will request an item each. You have to find and bring the item. Faster wins.
Reward: GM Box(50 ECoins) + Event 1 Point

 2 Rounds of Coord Event: Admin ZHEB & Rawr will warp to Devias/Lorencia. First lucky person to warp and get the same coords as him, wins.
Reward: 50 Premium Points + 1 Event Point

 5 Rounds of Kill the Kundun: The staff team will drop two times one kundum, then three kunduns at once. Player who gets the kill wins.
Reward: 10 Monster Points + 1 Event Point

 1 Round of Double Store Event: Staff team members will open stores. Stores will be filled with Jewels/Boxes and Chest. All you gotta do is buy.
Reward: Whatever you buy + No Event Point

 1 Round of Drop Event
 Staff team members will each drop a good amount of chest boxes.Reward: Whatever you pick + No Event Point

 1 Round of Last Man Standing: Easy PK Event conducted by the staff team. Last man standing wins.
Reward: Red Fenrir + 1 Event Point

Top 3 Players with most points will receive an amazing reward!

First Place: T2 Set by choice + 300 Premium Points
Second Place:  T1 Set by choice + 200 Premium Points
Third Place: Ancient Accessories by choice + 150 Premium Points

The said event will take place every Saturday with the following time zone:

@France 3 PM UTC/GMT+1
@Philippines 10 PM  UTC/GMT+8

See you
Exquisite MU Staff

Published by Administrator, January 14, 2021